Tuesday, 19 August 2014

life, week 33

My mamma always sets the table for breakfast the evening before. For a couple of weeks now, she adds a third bowl. I usually eat in solitude though, my mamma and pappa are off early early. 

Monday morning: Taking in a few minutes of ocean air before the first day of my new job. Thankful for the gentle 10 am start. 

a nice little welcome gift

Just like that I'm back at it. Project #astridsdailyworkout started Monday with a rainy walk in the woods with my mamma.

We got up close and personal with the cows. They seemed to be hiding from the rain.

Tuesday version of #astridsdailyworkout: uphill intervals (mostly fast walking and some running) with my mamma 

end of work day lounging (whilst my mamma makes dinner - lucky me!)

end of summer wardrobe | not pictured: the rest of my clothes in moving boxes

everything is new to me - including Linux and Windows 8 | my head might explode

afternoon shadows and stripes at my parents' place

Thursday version of #astridsdailyworkout: a 6,5k fast walk in the woods with mamma (Wednesday's walk was about 7k; no photo though - too busy chatting with my girlfriend) 

the calm before the storm | school starts Monday

Bergen bound | ferry office

Good to see you mamma, she said and gave me the best hug ever.

my little grocery shopping assistant, so proud to have a handbag like her mamma | "vi har make, mamma!"

yummy yum at the Farmers Market 

Sunday breakfast

the packing continues - food is next in line

Stavanger/Sandnes/Randaberg bound | see you in a week Bergen

- - -

Week 33: August 11-17


  1. Hi Astrid, I'm a long time reader and sometimes commenter. Just wanted to wish you good luck for all these big changes :)

  2. Verden ser så vakker ut gjennom din linse, Astrid! Håper det går fint i ny jobb. Så mye nytt og spennende for dere denne høsten!

  3. Astrid, it's good to read frequently about your big change and I hope that everything will be fine. How does it feel for you being a teacher?



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