Monday, 11 August 2014

life, week 32

last Monday here

Monday home office

a celebration of the every day

Mount Fløyen sure is a popular tourist spot - such a long line to go on the funicular!

Godt Brød - again

I love when nature makes me stop and admire.

should would could | daybed view

dinner time: hot dogs, cartoons and a magazine | keeping it real

tea time at Hanne's (LOVE that whale pillow and the rug) | part of a photo an hour 

Friday read + sweet treat

"everything will be alright" - a gift to Sara from Hanne's son



Her room is quite empty too.

We like a slow start to weekend mornings.

warm croissants for breakfast | Hatting love

Weekend brunches are the best.

oh Sunday morning glory 

part leftover (also, Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary)

Swinging Sunday 

The custom built shelf stays.

Lena the storm took them. They are not ripe yet.

"The bunny has pooped, mamma. It needs a new diaper."

She painted it in kindergarten.

Pretty much all my clothes - ready for the big move.

Stavanger/Sandnes/Randaberg bound | see you in a week Bergen

Beautiful blues

That oh so important ferry/roadtrip fuel

- - - 

Week 32: August 4-10 

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