Saturday, 30 August 2014

a photo an hour

Saturday August 23 - our very last day ever in our Bergen apartment.

8 am: Lots of moving boxes and still more to pack. But first, coffee! (In a glass; all cups are packed.)

9 am: Breakfast and cartoons.

10 am: Disassembling Sara's bed whilst I take a moment to soak in That View.

11 am: Sara is having a time out with cartoons and games - which is very convenient as it makes it easier for Sølve and me to pack. Luckily she was being very patient during the whole process. 

Noon: Eating chips (from a paper plate) in between the moving box towers.

1 pm: Sølve and Sara are off to Sølve's brother to pick up a huge trailer + to let Sara play with her cousins whilst we load the trailer. I'm having a little ice cream break (the freezer has to be emptied!) before a final little visit to our local Kiwi grocery store (which is just 300 m from our house - SO convenient!).

2 pm: Nearly done.


3 pm: The Mykletun brothers carry heavy stuff whilst I take care of fragile stuff.

3:30 pm: Oh so empty...

4 pm: Last glimpse of the garden (such a happy place) and mount Ulriken (will miss my work out hikes up there)...

4:30 pm: There were LOTS of tears when I said goodbye to the apartment, our neighbours and the neighbourhood. It's very hard to leave after nine years of living here (15 years in Bergen all together). 

5 pm: Picking up Sara at her cousins' place.

6 pm: Waiting for the ferry at Halhjem.

7 pm: Driving and listening to "Dyrene i Afrika" - Sara's constant request whilst out driving (preferably whilst we all sing along).

8 pm: Sara has fallen asleep. Finally a break from "Dyrene i Afrika"!

9 pm: Waiting for the ferry at Arsvågen. Sara got sick all over me and herself... Wet wipes to the (desperate) rescue. Luckily both Sara and I had extra clothes easy accessible in the back of the car. 

10 pm: Tjensvollkrysset. Close to our new home.

11 pm: At my parents' place. Sara got sick again. Realizing that it might not be car sickness.

0:30 am: Sara got sick yet again. Hoping it's the last time. (It wasn't. A couple of days later I got sick and so did my mamma and pappa too.) 


  1. Velkommen til stavanger! Det er slltid trist å flytte, men så kommer det også alltid noe nytt og fint rundt neste sving. Lykke til :)

  2. that mountain breath-taking. and what a lovely neighbourhood you have.

  3. have a good start in your new home. i hope you will feel at home soon!

  4. Goo luck.
    And all the best in your new life.

  5. dear astrid,
    those last bergen photos are beautiful. as always.
    i have tears running down my cheeks as i read your post. i can imagine how hard it must have been for you to leave. your apartment was the most beautiful home i 've ever seen. the new owners must be very glad.

    but i'm convinced, that you'll create another very special home. the most important thing is that you have your little family with you and all the happiness will move with you where ever you go :-) because you rock!

    i'm looking foward to seeing pictures of your new home and hometown and i wish you all the best!


  6. Astrid, I loved looking at this series of photos. They are full of a certain beauty – this empty and clean flat that was once filled with so much love – but I'm sure it's not so easy for you to look at these. Have a good start in Stavanger!

  7. Wow, that looks emotional indeed. But everything that ends, is. Can't await the next post!

  8. Oh wow. What a huge day for you and your family. So sad to see you leave your gorgeous apartment. But look forward to seeing your next new home and you getting back to your everyday living. All the best!

  9. Har ventet med å lese dette innlegget til jeg fant en stille stund for meg selv. Visste at det kom til å være vakkert og vemodig. Lykke, lykke til med det nye kapitlet; har elsket å følge dere i Bergen, og gleder meg til å henge med på (flytte)lasset videre!

  10. jeg har savna deg her inne!

  11. Oh, sniff, your post made me tear up. What a emotional rollercoaster day... I am sure there are many perfect, brilliant, happy days coming your way! And for now there is a big *HUUUUUG* coming here!

  12. Hope the move is going well, and work is going smoothly. Everything will settle over time. Still enjoying your blog very much.
    Aideen, Dublin

  13. PS Hope Sara is settling in and has fully recovered, along with your mam and day!



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