Saturday, 9 August 2014

a photo an hour

- as seen though my iPhone/VCSO Cam on Thursday August 7.

8 am: After several not so good nights, we all finally had a good night's sleep. Sara was happy and rested, but she was not so keen on going to kindergarten. There were tears (again) when I left her there. 

9 am: Sølve was running late for a meeting, so I drove him to the office.

10 am: A second cup of coffee plus an old D2 article about the national tourist routes in Norway. Such a great project!

11 am: Tomato sauce for tonight's lasagne and as a house warming gift for a dear friend.

Noon: Enjoying the calm before the storm that is new job, moving, renovations etc. Enjoying the last days in our Bergen apartment. 

1 pm: Finished a couple of old D2 whilst eating lunch (grilled ham and cheese sandwiches) on the daybed. 

2 pm: My in-laws are stopping by with their car and a trailer during the weekend, so time to pack more of our belongings into boxes. Most cabinets are pretty empty now.

3 pm: Ice cream break with a rainy view.

4 pm: Picked up Sara at the kindergarten. She ate the yoghurt and grapes but not the sandwich.

5 pm: Dinner time; homemade lasagna and a salad made of what ever I found in the fridge (canned corn, celery, radishes, spring onion, yellow bell pepper and cucumber). 

6 pm: Such a wet and grey day.

7 pm: Off to visit Hanne. I had such a hard time finding her house (which really isn't that hard to find). My inner GPS totally malfunctioned. 

8 pm: Hannes house is completely new, and already she has filled it with her cozy, comfortable, relaxed style. Also, homemade bacon and leek pie - yummy yum!

9 pm: She told me about her dream of building a daybed in the window. It is a winning idea.

10 pm: Then there was ice cream (we share a passion for Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate), fruit, chocolate sauce and tea. And more chat, chat, chat.

11 pm: This girl, I will miss her so!

Midnight: Bedtime.


  1. For en spennende periode i livet ditt! Det blir litt rart, har jo aldri vært hjemme hos dere, men har blitt så vant til muren og lyset gjennom fotografiene dine. Savner ofte Bergen. Da har det vært fint å komme hit. Lykke til i ny by! :)



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