Monday, 4 August 2014

10 things on this week's to do list

Hopefully we'll get a chance to enjoy the garden a bit more before we move | June 2014, Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101 

- Call every kindergarten in Stavanger to find a place for Sara - so far I'm having no such luck
- Decide whether or not to accept the study place I've been offered - I have a feeling I will decline due to everything that is happening in my life this coming semester; moving, renovations, new job, teacher training studies, life... 
- Visit my friends Hanne and Catherine and see both their new houses
- Visit my friends A + A and meet their newborn baby boy (born yesterday!)
- Get two housewarming gifts and one baby gift
- Enjoy my last full week living in Bergen and our beloved apartment (I start my new job on Monday; I will live with my parents and commute to Bergen for the weekends until we all three move for real at the end of the month) 
- Hug Sara as much as possible (as I won't be able to do it next week - sob!)
- Hike mount Ulriken 
- Mentally prepare for teaching 8th grade by studying the curriculum 
- Celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary 

A list inspired by one of my favorite blogs; Listebloggen (meaning "the list blog").


  1. Fiiiin liste! Jeg elsker hverdagslister :) Og tuuuusen takk for fine ord - nå ble jeg kjempeglad! Bloggen din er en av mine favoritter også; elsker bildene dine! Du er så flink til å fange personlige detaljer :)

  2. Oh, your list is quite packed - but with exciting, adventurous, lovely and good things. Keeping my fingers crossed that you find a great kindergarden for S.!



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