Sunday, 6 July 2014

things I like lately

Nice, France July 2009 | Kodak Ektachrome E100GX

- starting to feel the effect of my little #astridsdailyworkout project
- the well articulated (of course she is; she's a journalist with a degree in literature) Silje has started blogging again - I love her Instagram too
- this looks good, so does this
- wallets from Gjenbrukeriet (via Ingvild/ting som gjør en glad)
- looking forward to Ina's new cookbook
- 5 tips for summer photography by Mariell/Hjartesmil
- Homeland, season 2
- foot rubs by the husband
- this video of Cindy, a photographer I have admired for a long time
- the raspberries and red currants in our garden are getting ripe - just in time for us to get a little taste before our summer holiday
- we are off to Mallorca, Spain for two weeks - don't expect any updates here in a while; I will be too busy soaking in the sea - happy summer friends!

- - -

things I don't like lately

- shopping for bikini
- being so caught up in watching Gossip Girl that I can't think of anything else
- season six of Gossip Girl is not yet on Netflix (in Norway) - but it is also a good thing because I really need a break
- suddenly being very emotional and overwhelmed about all the upcoming changes; moving, starting a new job in a new line of, Sara being in a new kindergarten - or not; we still don't have a place, starting a new renovation project
- having very little inspiration to blog - I think this summer break will do good

- - -


  1. melankolien over flytting og forandringer, ja her også -
    men du? alt kommer til å bli bra. så veldig. jeg er helt sikker.


  2. Ah! Being emotional about changes... but how could you not be? Have a great summer break! I'm sure you'll come back with renewed inspiration. I'd love to hear about how you like being a teacher.

  3. Så hyggelig med anbefaling, tusen takk! Ønsker deg og dine en fortryllende ferie på Mallorca, gleder meg til å se bilder. Forstår at forandring er vemodig, men også spennende, sikker på at det blir fint.
    alt godt!

  4. Enjoy your summer break Astrid!



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