Monday, 28 July 2014

things I like lately - Mallorca version

Cala Deià, one of my favorites

- the beautiful old renovated farmhouse we rented - it had everything our crew of 11 (six grown ups and five kids) needed, including a pool, air condition and a big outdoor eating and playing area
- finally meeting my Flickr friend Lorena in person - she is such a sweet, lovely and generous person!
- all the delicious traditional Mallorcan dishes Lorena prepared for us when we visited
- sweet and juicy tomatoes and peaches
- spending hours in water (pool or sea) every day
- seeing how much Sara loves playing in water and how confident she got during those two weeks
- cava, every day
- ice cream, every day
- seeing how much Sara loved playing with the other kids
- big, lush bougainvilleas and other beautiful flowers I don't know the name of
- the cathedral in Palma
- walking the streets of Palma
- lemon trees, orange trees, almond trees, olive trees
- La Granja (thanks for the recommendation, Lorena)
- Cuevas del Drach - felt like a touristy school field trip at first, but it was surprisingly beautiful and fascinating
- lunch in by the sea in Cala Ratjada with a view of azure blue waters
- Cala Deia - such idyll! Deia too
- lunch and a bath in Port de Soller
- the coastal road (the Ma10) between Valldemossa and Soller - fantastic!
- driving through Serra de Tramutana (parts of it at least) - I had no idea Mallorca had such mountains! 
- an afternoon at Cala Torta
- dorade with parsley and lemon on the grill
- the temperature was mostly lovely; just a few days were really, really hot 
- people watching at the beach - love seeing all the different body types! 
- shooting four rolls of film
- Sara being a very good and patient traveller 
- falling in love with Mallorca in general - we'll be back! 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- shopping at Carrefour - such a huge store that always took forever (also, shopping for 11 people takes forever)
- sand, everywhere


  1. sand, everywhere = Sandnes(s)

  2. I have spent years reading your blog and I find it strange to read a post about Mallorca.
    Thanks for your words to me. You're a sweetheart. The next time you visit Majorca we will cook some delicious prawns with a good wine.
    Glad you've taken a good memory of the island. I think apart from the bad things they say about us, this island has beautiful places. And some very interesting traditions. I think you've come to know the real essence of the island. You worrying and visiting places that I think are worthwhile. In addition to the magnificent Mallorcan finca where you stayed.

    Ah! I never buy at carrefour. Only once, especially to buy a particular brand. I always buy in Mercadona. A smaller supermarket with good prices and lovely products.

    Excited to see your next entries...



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