Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Stavanger house sneak peek

This (basement) room will be our TV and guest room. We are planning to build daybeds like the one we have in our Bergen apartment. There is a fireplace down there too. I think it will be a very cozy room. 

Livingroom windows seen from the terrace. The roof just protects the blue bench beneath the windows - perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine even when it rains a little. I look forward to having direct access to the garden from the main floor. (In our Bergen apartment, the garden is accessed by a flight of stairs.)

The opposite view.

There are several red currant bushes in the garden. Plus raspberries, red gooseberries, rhubarb and a big old plum tree.

The garden will need a little TLC. We will start by mowing the lawn and then probably leave the rest till spring.

This basement room will be transformed to two bedrooms in a small apartment that we plan to rent out to students (our house is close to the university). In the future this will be the teen department of the house. You know, when Sara no longer wants her bedroom right next to her parents' bedroom. 

The laundry room will be transformed to a kitchen in the new rental apartment. We are building a new bathroom/laundry room that we will use. 

Master bedroom

Hallway. Three bedrooms plus bathroom and toilet to the left, livingroom to the right.

Hallway - main entrance straight ahead, basement to the left, bedrooms to the right, living room behind me. 

Kitchen - will be renovated and made bigger. I kind of like those (Sigdal) solid spruce cabinets though. 

Livingroom. Hallway to the right and kitchen in the far end. We might extend the kitchen all the way to the wood stove.

- - - 

The house will be ours on Friday August 29. (And we say a last goodbye to our Bergen apartment on August 27. Sob.) Because of the big renovations we have planned, we'll stay with Sølve's parents for a while - a few weeks or a few months; we don't know. It all depends on the process. I'm super excited yet terrified about all this, especially since its so soon after our last big renovation, plus I'm starting my new job on August 11 (and I will continue my part time PGCE/teacher training studies). It will be a pretty intense autumn, me thinks. So right now I'm just enjoying the calm before the storm. 


  1. I love watching a space take on a new life!! Your floors are gorgeous and it looks like there is so much goodness to work with!!

  2. Godalen er en fin fin plads. Tillykke med huset.

    Vi bor lige i nabolaget på Hjalmelandsgate, men flytter meget snart til Oltedal på vej til Sirdal. Nogen er til by og andre til land ;-)

    Hel og lykke med deres nye eventyr.

    Kh Camille Milk

  3. I can test out the guest room if you want ;)

    Looks like an adorable little place!

  4. Så spennende med en liten titt på huset! Gleder meg til å følge med på oppussingen - synes det allerede ser veldig fint ut :) God søndag til deg!

  5. Fantastisk med egen hage, og så god plass. Ser ut som om det blir et fantastisk sted å bo, og det er jo så nydelig i Godalen!

  6. Good luck with the process... I always like your Bergen apartment thru your blog (especially the garden part). I'm preparing to move as well next month :)

  7. Ser ut som et hus med mange muligheter ! Vi har sokkelhus og har en utleieleilighet nede.



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