Tuesday, 29 July 2014

life, week 30

Monday afternoon at playa de Kollevåg. It was nearly as sunny and warm as Mallorca; the water however, not so much. Sara hardly dipped her toe. 

Shrimp, corn, avocado, cucumber, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I'll make this salad again soon - yum!

She brought all her kitchen supplies into the kitchen and played on the floor whilst I prepared dinner. Seems like she enjoys being home with her toys again after two weeks away. 

Another fantastic summer day called for another afternoon bath.

Whole grain macaroni and ketchup - her idea of a perfect dinner these days. Also, yay for picnics!

Tuesday afternoon at playa de Kyrkjetangen.

...and the packing continues...

Second serving (Mövenpick Swiss chocolate - THE best), a green plant vacationing on the balcony and beachwear drying in the evening warmth - a moment of simple bliss. 

And then there was playa de Vangsvatnet, Voss.

Apparently it was the warmest day since 1889. It took her forever to fall asleep that night.

Oh Voss!

childhood bliss

Waffel fika with Ingvild and her family - complete with a dip in the kiddie pool for Sara and Iben. Thanks again for the moving boxes, Ingvild!

Sandnes bound | ferry picnic: rice, kale, carrot, red onion, garlic, salted/roasted pumpkin seeds and feta 

Damn! (This is the third time our car has broken down at this exact point. And it will be the last - we are done with you Saab!)

NAF + mamma and pappa to the rescue | a lucky happy ending to a damned old car incident

This is were all our moving boxes and furniture go; my parents' garage. So thankful they have room for it all. Depending on the process of the house renovation, the boxes might stay closed for a while.

A Saturday afternoon dip in Godalen with our friends before the rain.

Our first visit to our house since we bought it in May. Still a month left until its ours, but the owner kindly let us stop by to do some measurements needed for planning the big renovation. I'll share a few more photos tomorrow. 

- - -

Week 30: July 21-27 (week 28 and 29 were our Mallorca vacation)


  1. It looks like you had a lovely week and some yummy picnics.
    I am really looking forward to seeing more photos of your new house and to read about the renovation process. Buying an old house and renovate it to make it look just the way you want sounds both amazing and scary for aspiring first-time house owners.
    I'd love to know what advice you would give to complete newbies in this domain or if you have any helpful books or websites to recommand.

  2. moving to a new place always sounds so nice, like a chance to start over. but we all know how much work it takes. it pays off in the end, but all the process...

  3. I always enjoy seeing your images. Hard work in your new home but at the end will be the house of your dreams.



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