Thursday, 3 July 2014

life, week 26

my sister's neighborhood

So glad we got a bit of sun (and 10C!) for our last day in Tromsø.

She hardly ever naps during daytime anymore. Apparently napping on the plane is the best - nearly two hours! 

We came home from Tromsø to the neighbourhood playground filled with neighbours celebrating midsummer. Sara was well rested after the long nap and was so happy to be home playing with her friends again. And then, during those blissful midsummer evening hours, we sold our apartment.

Maria, a dear Danish blog reader, sent me this genius sandwich box - it includes a freezer thingy to keep the food cold all day!

summer cousins

that time Sara fell in love with her cousin's sparkly shoes

Day 15/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: a 1,5 hour walk doing errands, including getting a new day planner.

11 pm

All this evening light is such a treat!

Day 16/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: hiked up mount Ulriken. The best kind of work out!

That evening light.


Day 17/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: hiked up mount Ulriken again, because it really is the best kind of work out. Beat yesterday's time with ten minutes!

thrift store finds

Made my first ever batch of strawberry freezer jam - so quick, simple and yummy! Thanks Matilde for the useful tips in your beautiful book!

Where in Stavanger can I get coffee as good as the one at Kaffemisjonen, I wonder.

Impromptu lunch date at Bølgen & Moi with the husband - delicious pulled pork burgers!

Day 18/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: doing errands, lots of grocery shopping, carrying bags and bags of food, cooking, walking, standing and not sitting down for about five hours will pass as today's work out. Cheers!

Such a treat.

The light that made me pause mid conversation.

The blueberries are not quite done yet, but she didn't mind.

Taking in our friends' new neighbourhood.

Those summer clouds that made me pause mid lawn mowing.

Glad to see the clematis blooming for the first time.

It has been a modest harvest, but at least it is from our own garden.

Gossip Girl + Black Books

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Week 26: June 23-29


  1. I'm really jealous of your work out, I must say. I wish I had a mountain to hike around here.

  2. Lools like a great week!

  3. Your sister's neighborhood (Mari?) seems to be beautiful! I would love to visit Norway!

  4. really love the glass wine picture



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