Saturday, 7 June 2014

things I like lately

from the summer archives, July 2009 | Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Color 100, Canon EOS 500N

- curious about this new app that two of my favorite bloggers created - Pippit - have you tried it?
- this post by Marthe/Marsipan og smilefjes
- going grocery shopping in a different store than my usual one because they often have different brands and produce there
- this post by Ingvild/ting som gjør en glad
- this behind the scenes video of Jasmine Dowling's great work (via Monique/the sunday best)
- after a lot of sun and blue skies lately, it was actually nice with a with few overcast days
- Ekko på P2
- this speaks to me - oh how I love Jodi's blog!
- applying for more studies (really?!) - don't know yet if I will be accepted though
- whilst out walking, Sara stops and picks up every dead dandelion she finds and blows on them
- Brian's contributions to Five O' Clock Mag
- lasagna, salad and garlic baguettes for dinner - it has been a while since we had this truly comforting meal 
- Barón de Lay red wine 
- the smell of beach roses 
- the pink roses in our garden have juuust started blooming - thanks to the rain these last couple of days 
- kisses from Sara
- a visit from my mother-in-law
- my parents are coming for a visit today and we plan to hike Vidden tomorrow 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- writing job applications - so much work!
- eating so much rice pudding my stomach hurts
- my inability to stop eating when I'm full
- something that feels like tendinitis in my wrists and shoulders because I have spent too much time in front of the computer this week
- parking in thight parking garages (dumme parkeringsgarasjen på Sletten senter!) 

- - -

PS: I'm having a clear out sale in my little print shop!

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