Saturday, 28 June 2014

things I like lately

from my summer archives | Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

- our apartment sold very quickly! it was listed Friday evening and sold by Monday evening - such a relief
- homemade ice cream with warm cloudberries (picked by my sister and brother-in-law)
- making my first ever batch of strawberry freezer jam - so quick, simple and super yummy
- thanks a lot Ania for identifying the flower I thought was an orchid in this post, it is an large-flowered hemp-nettle (guldå på norsk)
- an interesting read: natural baby
- getting my wallet back after I lost it (although without those 600 kr and my red lipstick - but all my cards were still there)
- finding a cast iron pot at a thrift store for just 80 kr - the size is perfect for no-knead bread
- hiking up mount Ulriken twice this week
- traveling alone with Sara (a 2,5 hour flight to Tromsø) was easier than ever
- coming home to short and t-shirt weather in Bergen after 4 degrees Celsius, rain and wool weather in Tromsø
- this white cotton tank
- a fresh summer color - passion from Hot Makeup - for my nails
- an impromptu lunch date with my husband 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- loosing my wallet - I never loose things, so I got quite upset about this (even though I got it back) 
- things are really starting to get settled for our upcoming move to Stavanger, but we still have no kindergarden for Sara, which is quite stressing
- sharing the news about our move with our dear old neighbour mrs M - I could easily tell she got sad 

- - -

answers to questions in the comment section

Marion wrote on this post: I completely agree about bringing a nice packed lunch. Not only does it taste much better, but it's also much less waste. I like pasta salad in my lunchbox. What would you typically bring?

I too love pasta salads or other dinner leftovers for my lunchbox, but most often I will bring something that does not require cutlery, like a salami sandwich and a handful of cherry tomatoes and snap peas on the side.

- - -

PS: I'm still having a clear out sale in my little print shop!


  1. Thanks for the reply :-)
    Yes, cutlery... remember cutlery - I can't say it never happens that I have to find creative ways to eat my pasta salad! ;-)

  2. bangs requires some sort of discipline that I don't think I have it. but I insist on cut them every time, haha. then i keep wondering "why did i do this?!", like right now. but I do love the way it looks on me.



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