Thursday, 19 June 2014

things I like lately

from the archives | Lofoten, October 2003 (nearly as far north as Tromsø) | film

- I signed my job contract today! From August I will be teaching 8th grade full time. I'm super excited yet terrified. 
- a Sunday bbq with our dearest friends
- my friend Lori is featured in a little Blurb film (PS: Lori shoots film)
- speking of Blurb; I'm looking forward to Jodi's book
- this book looks fantastic! (via Ingvild)
- a great exam result
- running again after nearly a week of just walking (for my #astridsdailyworkout project) because of a soar throat
- keeping up my daily work out project even with the soar throat
- visiting my friend J and meeting her baby boy for the first time + seeing her beautiful house for the first time
- eating lots and lots of Norwegian strawberries (often with vanilla kesam/quark)
- frolicing on the beach after meeting my new boss and before flying home to Bergen
- Dugg frozen yoghurt with vanilla, almonds and honey
- a long weekend ahead in the arctic north/Tromsø to visit my sister and her boyfriend - my parents are coming too (here and here are photos from previous visits)

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Answers to questions in the comment section:

Sulvis asked on this post: Men du, hvordan lager du kaffen? En variant av aeropress?

En svært så manuell trakerkaffe ;-) Sett filterholderen over en kopp eller lignende, ha kaffe i filtetet og hell på med ønsket mengde kok varmt vann. Funker som fjell!


  1. Grattis med jobbkontrakt! Husk å feire med sjampanje.

  2. Takk for svar, og gratulerer med jobbtilbud og solgt bolig!



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