Sunday, 1 June 2014

things I like lately

the sunset last Friday was phenomenal - there even was a rainbow! (more photos later)

- watching Gossip Girl on the mac whilst Sølve watches Archer on the iPad
- this post about lipstick hoarding by samovaren
- this post about kids' wardrobes (via practicing simplicity) - my thoughts on the topic are very similar when it comes to Sara's wardrobe
- this looks good
- my nonstick pan for making breakfast pancakes (so much better than the cast-iron pan)
- being back to substitute teaching now that I'm finished with my exam
- doing errands in the city centre and seeing all the happy tourists
- Wednesday night dinner in the garden with our friends (Thursday was Ascension Day, so everyone had the day off)
- finally getting a chance to catch up again with said friends, who by the way are very mad at us for moving to Stavanger - we will miss each other so, so much! 
- seeing how much Sara enjoys playing with our friends' two kids
- a very relaxing day off as a family on Thursday; Sara scooted almost all the way to the city centre (we are so impressed!) and we had junk food (McDonalds for me, Dolly Dimple pizza for Sølve, hot dog from Narvesen for Sara...) and ice cream in the sun 
- hanging out with Sara all Friday (kindergarten was closed) 
- seeing how much Sara enjoys the big, big slide in the neighbourhood school yard
- making this very simple and VERY yummy vanilla ice cream - highly recommended! 
- Molly's roasted rhubarb with said ice cream 
- tasting blue potatoes and okra for the first time 
- finding a pair of our favorite Glerups slippers for Sara at half price 
- a lot of really beautiful summer weather - evenings are still cold though - but I like that 
- seeing how much Sara loves her new pink cap - which is very convenient, because she needs some kind of sun shade for her head and eyes 
- a nap when I really, really needed it 
- the Bø og Bæ children's books
- celebrating our 16 years anniversary as a couple on Saturday 
- Sølve foraged roses from our garden for our anniversary 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- our car is back from the repair shop and it cost a fortune 
- getting into an argument with Sølve over a silly thing because we are both too tired 
- being hungover and hence super tired all day 
- no running this week (I was pretty beat after last Sunday's four mountains hike - but that is just a silly excuse for not running)

- - -

Answers to questions asked in comments:

An anonymous commenter asked on this post: "Does your daughter eat the same as you?" 

- Sara is a rather picky eater, so she does not eat all the things we have for dinner. I usually try to make sure she likes at least one of the things we serve for dinner plus I want to give her the option to try something new. I think she learns a lot and dares more by watching what others - kids and grown ups - eat. I don't stress it if she eats little for dinner; she'll normally have a bigger portion for supper then. 

ALittaM asked on this post: Are you starting potty training too?

We have started just a little, but in no systematic training way. I don't want to force it; I want Sara to be ready for it. Also, potty training in winter with all those layers of clothing - no thank you! Bring on summer and hardly any clothing. Maybe we will do the training a little more systematic during the summer. Some days Sara asks to wear panties instead of nappies - I let her, as long as we are home. I can deal with the accidents at home; anywhere else, not so much. She seems inspired by a few of her little friends in kindergarten who do not wear nappies anymore. 

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