Wednesday, 11 June 2014

seen whilst house hunting

We started visiting houses at the end of March and we started looking at before that. It is quite a hassle buying a house in Stavanger when we live in Bergen! One of the things I did love about the process was visiting so many (nearly 20) different houses + seeing even more of them online. We wanted an old house, so we can renovate and get it the way we want. Here is a little goodie bag of things we saw in real life and online. Wish I had taken a lot more photos! 

love details like this

we almost bought this house - saw it three times, in the end I'm glad we didn't buy it

we almost bought this house - it has spectacular views

we almost bought this house - loved the kitchen

all these wallpapers where in one house

our house


  1. WOW! Impressive collection of wallpapers!
    Love the little details you took pictures of. And now I'm looking forward hw your house looked like before you start your renovation.

  2. Åhh, helt fantastisk! Tiden har jo stått stille ;)

  3. Those are some impressive houses! I do love that nowadays, we can go house hunting even on the internet, especially when the house we’re looking to buy is in another town. No hassle, right? However, we just have to be careful about that. There’s still a possibility that some of the people who are selling their houses only take the best angles and corners of their homes. So might as well still visit personally, right? Anyway, good luck in your house search. :D

    Gina Sutton @ Best College Station Home Search



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