Wednesday, 25 June 2014

life, week 25

I flew down to meet with the headmaster of the school were I was offered a job. I left with a very good impression of it all. Before flying back to Bergen, I had time to visit the Sola beach - right next to the airport. It was total bliss. 

I really look forward to living closer to these beaches along the coast of the Jæren lowland area again. 

I just love this landscape! All year round.

Also, I love walking bare feet in the sand. (But I hate getting sand everywhere else; I prefer pebble beaches.) 

I regretted not bringing a nice packed lunch from home. This shrimp baguette was so disappointing. So was the coffee. 

I think this might be a kind of wild orchid. Am I right?

substitute teaching | catching bugs with first graders

The result of day 8/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: 1,5 hour of running errands and walking to/from the city center. Hope to be back to running soon. Damn throat! 

Summer breakfast: plain yoghurt, lots of Norwegian strawberries, mixed nuts and honey + bare feet with sandal tan lines 

nearly four weeks old

Lots of great patterns at the baby department at Lindex. Once they pass size 86, it is all about Bamse, Disney, Hello Kitty and other cats. So much ugly stuff! 

a modest celebration of a great exam result

And then the wash cloth turned pink.

7 am | good morning

7:15 am gymnastics | "Look at me! I'm a snake!"

signed my job contract | excited yet terrified

Day 10/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: ran my usual route (ca 4,5 km). Running is SO hard when you're in bad shape!

This was a surprisingly good pantry dinner: thinly sliced potato and carrot mixed with creme fraiche, garlic, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Baked until nearly tender, then added salmon, shrimp and seafood & fish spice mix (from Santa Maria) and baked until done. 

found on the streets of Tromsø | "It does not wear diapers!"

Raingear family bundled up in 4 degrees Celsius

arctic cuisine | seal steak, smoked salmon, whale steak, seagull eggs

Day 12/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: about 2,5 hours stroll/walk around Tromsø with the family

Kvaløya roadtrip

Day 13/27 of #astridsdailyworkout: a family hike up Ørnfløya. Sara is becoming such a great little hiker! 

from Ørnfløya to Sommarøya

such a beautiful view enroute to the top of Ørnfløya

my outdoor baby

- - - 

Week 25: June 16-22 


  1. Such beautiful landscapes!
    I completely agree about bringing a nice packed lunch. Not only does it taste much better, but it's also much less waste. I like pasta salad in my lunchbox. What would you typically bring?

  2. Hi, Astrid. This is my first comment. Love your blog.
    The flower on the sixth foto - it's not an orchid. It's named Large-flowered Hemp-nettle (Galeopsis speciosa). In Norwegian it would be Guldå. It's quite common (also in Poland, where I live).


  3. good luck with the job!
    (and the baby clothes are too cute!)

  4. Nydelige strandbilder! Heldige dere som skal bo i nærheten.
    Ha en fin helg! Og lenke gjerne til min nå oppdaterte blogg:



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