Wednesday, 18 June 2014

life, week 24

Showing off her drawing skills to grandpa

My body and mind is not at all ready to spend two weeks in a bikini at Mallorca in just one month. So  on Tuesday June 10 I kickstarted my new #Astridsdailyworkout project by hiking up mount Ulriken. 1 down 26 days to go! 

I have never seen her so focused on coloring before.

First: substitute teaching / hiking in a thunderstorm with 60 screaming 8 year olds. Then: a flat car tire. And then: day 2/27 of #Astridsdailyworkout (a short run with the view above), Kinfolk magazine in the mailbox and a job offer in Stavanger. 

coffee has been replaced with hot water, ginger, lemon and honey

summer idyll in the neighborhood community gardens

summer blanket

my very helpful pancake making assistant...

sofa view + Gossip Girl (I should be outside in the evening sun with a book instead, but...)

9:30 pm

10:30 pm

first strawberries from the garden

part of a photo an hour

10 am wake up call

- - -

Week 24: June 9-15

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  1. Oh, those community gardens make me so jalous!



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