Tuesday, 10 June 2014

life, week 23

8 am conversation: "Do you want to take the scooter or the stroller to kindergarten?" "I'm busy, mamma."

substitute teaching | preparing for religion class

Going to bed at 10 pm (bliss!) means missing out on the sunset (sad face). 

She is all about the scooter these days. (I love that little diaper dinosaur peeking up from her shorts.)

the start of homemade gnocchi - with flour, not potatoes

gnocchi - more about them later

on the agenda: apply for teaching jobs in Stavanger

Sometimes she seems so much bigger than her 2,5 years.

Morning ritual

I made this film when I studied media at Uni. Haven't seen it in ages. It was good fun - and a bit embarrassing. 

neighbourhood nature

print shop assistant

substitute teaching | Concerts Norway // Rikskonsertene

flowers for the weekend

dessert and sunset with his mother

thank you, grandma

Big thanks to our friend Gustaf for photographing our home and garden for the real estate listing. I'll share the link when the ad is out on Finn.no. 

Peonies are not my favorite, but they sure are pretty.

And then he enjoyed dessert and sunset with my parents. So did I.

Days off means pancakes for breakfast.

It was my parents' first time across Vidden. They loved it. We knew they would.

seen at Vidden

Sara loves being outdoors - I love that! (photo by my mum)

family hiking lunch (photo by my mum)

- - -

Week 23: June 2-8

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  1. a very fun week. :)
    i never made gnocchi without potatoes. kinda curious. and LOVED the peonies. peonies are my favorite flower in the world. I have one tattooed on my back. too bad is hard to find where i live.



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