Wednesday, 4 June 2014

life, week 22

A summer favorite: various melons, mango, fresh coriander and chili - spring onion or thin slices of red onion is good too. Great on its own, or as a side dish for grilled meat, chicken or salmon. 

båttå + Gossip Girl (yes, hooked - again)

substitute teaching | art class

Statsraad LehmkuhlBergen International Festival flags, blue skies, tourists drinking super expensive beer at Bryggen. Oh Bergen!

I don't care much for the fish market, but I like that all the tourists give me a feeling of being on holiday. 

Confession: I forgot to eat them so they went bad. I know it has happened before. Apparently I don't to radishes. 

7:10 am

Molly's roasted rhubarb is always a winner - so is 10 pm sunshine

window shopping at one of my favorite shops in the city; Røst at Bryggen | on my wish list: Skaugum cutlery and Fine Little Day cups 

I love these plywood shelves (Dada frisør i Nygårdsgaten)

substitute teaching | note to self: improve your smart board writing skills

with friends

Her favorite big kids slept over.

So did their parents. And everyone were excited about pancakes for breakfast.

She scooted and scooted and scooted even more.

Family portrait with ice cream

Slow Friday morning. Not pictured: Little miss S eating Cheerios whilst watching Peppa Pig - kindergarden is closed today 

She is obsessed with her new socks and cap.

Only three ingredients to make a fantastic vanilla ice cream. I'm in heaven!

The expression on her face when she got the first taste of the homemade ice cream was absolutely priceless. She loves ice cream as much as her mamma. 

"Do you actually take a photo of that?"
"Yes. I'm keeping it real. And there is a blue potato in there."

Keeping it very real: Grandiosa frozen pizza with extra cheese. Chips. Dip. Cosmopolitan. TV surfing. 

She loves all the open space. And she has gotten really good with that scooter.

I'm not a napper, but I really, really needed that nap.

I love that he is the one tending the roses.

Roses from the garden for our 16 years anniversary as a couple.

Anniversary dinner

Sunday 10 pm

time out

Thankful for *Sølve putting Sara to bed *soon bedtime for mamma too *ice cream before dinner (which I hope Sølve will make - I'm beat!) *3191 Miles Apart for their inspiring digital issue no. 14 

- - - 

Week 22: May 26 - June 1 


  1. Sommerdagene dine er så flotte! Og det å innføre feiring av når man ble sammen for første gang er noe jeg håper på å innføre :)

  2. Så fine hageroser! Og ja til Skaugum, vi har de med kebony-skaft på ønskelisten vår :)

  3. wonderful look into your days. i love the shoots at your table.



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