Tuesday, 3 June 2014

life, week 21

A little sunset bokeh is always a winner, right?

Every year I'm surprised by how very bright late spring/early summer evenings actually are. This was taken at 8:30 pm. 

Fog can be pretty fantastic. This was taken from the top of mount Ulriken towards Rundemanen during the four mountains hike. 

I used to collect Höganäs tableware. I absolutely loved this dark blue color. Now I prefer simple white tableware, but I'm glad I still have a few of these blue bowls left. 

Bread fail turned into bread roll fail.


...on one side of the house...

...and sunset...

...on the other side of the house. I love when nature shows off like this!

Warms days with shorts and t-shirts and chilly evenings with hoods and blankets - the joys of early summer.

Yellow beats really are yellow. And quite yummy too, but I think I prefer red beats.

It was a minimal clothing kind of day.

That light that makes me pause.

I read somewhere that a cup of warm water with lemon is a good way to start your day. It didn't work; I need my coffee. 

I had a really hard time focusing on writing my exam. That blue sky makes people talk. (Norwegians tend to talk a lot about the weather. Who can blame us - we do get a lot of it!) 

Done! (The face of yours truly when she has just handed in her exam.)

I think the makeshift black out curtains are working. She slept more than 12 hours straight!

A celebratory GT to start the weekend. Also, Hendrick's is my favorite.

garden status, May 24

We had pasta bolognes in the garden and we regret not getting out the parasol. It was HOT.

Morning drama at mount Ulriken

Rhubarb, grapes, tomatoes and bread dough. A basket from South Africa, a super heavy mortar and pestle, a vintage cake stand from my aunts and uncles (wedding present), an old Egersund Fayance soup bowl and a big glass bowl from IKEA. 

Another one from the four mountains hike; on our way down in the fog from mount Ulriken. Spectacular!

We are pretty much done with daytime naps, but she requests time outs.

Best (chalk) tag ever: People have to be nice to each other. (Og for øvrig kan de gjøre som de vil.)

Second best (chalk) tag ever: fisher fart (??)

Just what we needed after the big hike.

- - -

Week 21: May 19-25


  1. do you know monkey 47 gin? it's SO good. that's my favorite one!

  2. Mange fine bilder.... men jeg må nok være enig med deg....
    Det magiske lyset er bare best. Om det er på morgenen eller kvelden. Sniker seg inn...



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