Saturday, 14 June 2014

June 14, 2006-2014

2006: Sølve and I hiked mount Ulriken and beyond.

2007: Admiring Sarah Reed's work at an arts and craft market. I blogged about it a few days later.

2008: Caption written on Flickr:


I counted my shoes. In the photo there are 39 pairs of shoes + one pair that is Sølve's garden shoes. Not shown in the photo (because they are not so pretty): Trezeta hiking boots, Timberland hiking shoes, Asics running shoes, Adidas indoor training shoes, skiing boots, and sporty sandals. Altogether it's 45 pairs of shoes.

I challenge you; how many pairs do you have?

PS: my wedding shoes are also in here...

Edit: I just realized 45 is not the exact number. I have 3 pairs in my office. So the total number is 48.

2014 update: I have much less shoes now. I think. I should count them again, just for fun. But most of them are already packed in moving boxes and are in storage in Sandnes at my parents' place.

2009: Caption written on Flickr: Sunday June 14 | Sølve made a super delicious marinade of tomatoes and red bell pepper and other stuff for the pork filet. Served with fresh corn and baguettes with garlic butter.

2010: The most beautiful peonies I have ever seen + evening sunlight in our living room.

2011: Dinner and a little bit of baby belly. Also part of my everyday stories book.

2012: Nobody puts baby in a corner. Except herself. (She had not yet learnt to move forward.)

2013: tomato salsa in the making for Friday tacos

2014: 9 am coloring session. Also part of today's "a photo an hour". All photos from today will be blogged tomorrow.

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  1. what a great way to reflect. gosh, i miss hiking! hahaha,, currently i own 5 pairs of shoes and 2 sandals which i think is already too many than reasonable. i only have 2 feet.



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