Sunday, 15 June 2014

a photo an hour

- as seen through my iPhone and VSCO Cam app on Saturday June 14.

8 am: Saturdays are my early morning during weekends. This morning started ca 7:30 am, but it was no good night. Sara woke up several times because of nightmares. 

9 am: She has gotten more into coloring and drawing than before.

10 am: Making coffee for Sølve and preparing his 10 am wake up call.

11 am: Sara and Bamse (her teddy bear) are ready for breakfast.

Noon: "The men are sick. They need to go to the hospital."

1 pm: Waiting for Sølve to get ready so we can head to the city.

2 pm: The city centre was super busy - there was so much going on. Our goal was the farmers market; we needed to stock up on jams from Steinstø

3 pm: We made our way through the crowds and did some grocery shopping on the way. Also fishcakes at Søstrene Hagelin and ice cream for Sara (she was so disappointed there was no red deer burgers to be found at the farmers market this time, so she needed a distraction). 

4 pm: Walking, running, jumping and exploring our way home from.

5 pm: I deal with the groceries while Sara helps Sølve assemble the grill.

6 pm: And then Sara helps Sølve grind meat for tonight's burgers.

7 pm: Soon bed time for all the little kids in the neighborhood, so everyone helps tidy up the toys at the playground. (I will miss our neighborhood community SO much!)

8 pm: Sølve puts Sara to bed while I tidy some more and enjoy the very blue evening sky.

9 pm: Sølve is in charge of the grill while I make guacamole. Fresh coriander is a must!

10 pm: (Late) dinner time!

11 pm: Black Books, Gossip Girl and the season's first Norwegian strawberries.

Midnight: Good night!


  1. Jaha ! Det er så fedt at se dine dage :) Elsker de blogindlæg, jeg hoppede også med igår på et foto i timen.

    KH Maria

  2. your sunday looks so fun. if i do one of this today would be like "sofa, world cup, sofa, snacks in the kitchen, beer, sofa, world cup". haha.

  3. Flott søndag, supre bilder som vanlig! Jeg hadde ett foto i timen i går; morsomt å se andres dager også! Men du, hvordan lager du kaffen? En variant av aeropress?



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