Friday, 23 May 2014

things I like lately

blurry vintage champagne glasses from Paris; a happy accident from the test roll shot with the flea market camera | Kodak Portra 400, Ricoh 35 EFL

- after a lot of procrastination and then a lot of hard work, I handed in my exam today - best way to start the weekend! 
- a gin & tonic to celebrate the exam (with Hendrick's gin - my favorite) 
- looking forward to finally getting a bike again (my last bike was stolen years ago) when we move to Stavanger and I'm thinking this one (via my friends Terese and Gabriel) might be an option
- this post by Teak Tray Weekdays
- this post by Holly/Decor8 (there are lots of interesting comments too)
- this post by A Beautiful Mess (via Samovaren)
- I made Stephanie's rhubarb syrup (unfortunately I made it a little too sweet, other than that it was delicious)
- this looks good
- seeing all my Flickr friends post their beautiful polaroids for 'RoidWeek2014
- taking breaks away from the computer whilst working on my exam
- roasted garlic
- seeing the old neighbour lady cut her husband's hair out in their backyard
- dinner leftovers for lunch: roasted vegetables, barley and a poached egg - the egg did it
- a beach tent like this seems like a good idea for our upcoming summer holiday in Mallorca (we already have a parasol, but it is always such a hassle securing it properly)
- two of my photos have been chosen for VSCO grid (here is my grid)
- my copy of Molly's Delancey just arrived - can't wait to dig in!
- I just finished Caroline Kaspara's second book, Du er meg for søvning - recommended! PS: check out her Instagram photos - beautiful!
- the news about the birth of my good friend J's baby boy
- the feeling when I have finished my run (twice this week!)
- making pancakes before 7 am (Sara watched an episode of Peppa Pig were they made pancakes, so requested pancakes for breakfast) 
- the rhododendrons in our garden are blooming, and the irises have just started blooming too 
- summer wild flowers are popping up everywhere; cow parsley, red clover, buttercups 
- a warm day that called for al fresco bath time for Sara and a drink at the sunset for her parents 
- looking forward to the annual 4-fjellsturen (4 mountains hike) on Sunday 
- akkurat nå: Heia Viva! Stem på gamlekoret mitt som synger i finalen i Norske Talenter på TV2: send 3 til 26400! 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- I think we have a wasp nest in our garden somewhere; we constantly have wasps flying in our open windows
- running - so hard after nearly two months of no running
- three days of headaches - most likely due to cutting down on sugar (I have eaten embarrassing amounts lately) 
- shampoos and soaps that smell too much 


  1. Det er alltid så kjekt å lese igjennom disse innlegga frå deg.
    Til lukka med overstått eksamen!
    -kjenner til kjensla, to PPU for to år sidan.
    Likar meg svært godt som lærar.

    God helg til deg og dine.

    Smil frå Elisabeth

  2. Super interessant artikel på decor8 du linker til - tak for det. Og autch - løb, det er SÅ hårdt at komme igang efter pause, jeg står der selv, skal virkelig samle mig sammen for at få løbeskoene på igen og komme derud. Hep-hep for løb :)

    KH Maria

  3. Jeg er helt betatt av bildene i gridden din :)

  4. Your blog is one of my favorites...always a dose of good things and beautiful film photography. : )



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