Friday, 16 May 2014

things I like lately

From last year's Constitution day celebration at Voss. Sara was 1,5 years. Sara does not have a bunad yet, so she'll wear the same dress tomorrow - it fits so much better now! My bunad is a beltestakk from Bø in Telemark (my mum is from Skien). 

- celebrating the house with Champagne 
- this post about Birkenstocks over at the ever so stylish Bleubird (because I looove my Birkenstocks - have been wearing them for years)
- these photos by Maria and this article about her birth photography business
- look up, of course
- the Bonne Maman peach jam I brought home from Paris
- finding Sara's hoodie in kindergarten when I thought it was lost for ever (those mittens on the other hand are lost)
- this post by Alice
- hiking up mount Ulriken in the sun earlier this week and running in the rain yesterday - feels so good to exercise again! 
- having film developed; a slide film from our Easter at the mountain cabin + the test roll from the camera I bought at a flea market (it works!)
- working in the garden 
- The Simple Things magazine
- exploring magazines on; these are beautiful: t.e.l.l.Good Company and Magnolia Rouge
- this post - lots of great blog tips, including this space - thanks a lot Tiril!
- the news about a dear friend's pregnancy
- the first rhubarb of the season (in the grocery store) - planning to make this favorite: roasted rhubarb 
- straining plain yoghurt to give it the lovely thick Greek style yoghurt feeling
- Sara scooting to kindergarten (instead of using the stroller) 
- the beautiful evening sun light has returned to our living room (as seen in the top photo here)
- getting the weekend/Constitution day grocery shopping before the big rush
- running into a sweet blog reader at the grocery store (hei frumarkmus!) 
- the way Sara says "hipp, hipp hurra!" (a typical cheer in the Constitution day parades): "pipp pipp huja"
- looking forward to celebrating the Constitution day with our friends tomorrow 
- making pavlova for dessert tomorrow  
- being inspired by an article in today's D2 to make hamburgers for dinner tonight 

- - - 

things I don't like lately 

- being very, very little productive when it comes to my exam work
- slugs in the garden 

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