Friday, 2 May 2014

things I like lately

a surprise delivery by my friend Hanne - in the middle of my exam writing - lucky me!

- summer weather in late April 
- wearing shorts and sandals (it is still sunny, but I'm back to wearing pants and wool)
- painting my toenails in Essie's clambake
- Sara's joy of bare feet in the sand
- Sara's first outdoor bath of the season
- our apple tree is blooming
- so is one of our strawberry plants
- our friends' wedding - I'm SO, SO happy to see these two beautiful people be married 
- seeing how much fun Sara has playing with her nieces
- the fact that Sara likes makrell i tomat - such a healthy sandwich spread! (I hate it)
- Pimm's with Canada Dry ginger ale and lemon
- this scarf
- a perfectly ripe mango
- Tiljamid (thanks for the tip Céline!)
- after this big milestone last week, Sara has been sleeping more often in our bed (which she hardly ever does) - so cosy!
- slowly getting into the swing of planning our weekday dinners again
- feeling inspired to cook and eat whole foods again 
- the smell of freshly baked bread
- making no-knead bread in a ceramic pot instead of the cast iron pot - no problem!
- making pour over coffee instead of my usual Nespresso
- the photography of Jamie magazine (I have been going through some back issues that I'm giving away)
- Sara got her first birthday party invitation this week; a boy in the neighborhood just turned three (unfortunately she will not be able to attend because we are off to Sandnes that weekend)
- drinking tea brought home from our hotel room in London in February
- (unintentionally) watching very little TV this week
- flipping through back issues of food magazines
- being really focused and engrossed in writing my exam
- the fact that my brother-in-law makes his own skis and my sister designs the graphic elements - such a perfect hobby for these two ski bums who are super happy to get fresh snow in May (they live in Tromsø)
- the very vivid, bright green color of the new leaves on our beech hedge
- my dear friend Hanne for being one of the most generous people I know
- that fresh from the oven, still warm cinnamon bread in the photo above, brought to me by said Hanne 
- meeting our friends' F and R's little baby girl Embla (2 months old) for the first time + Hanne's little baby girl Mie (3,5 months old) for the first time - they give me baby fever! 
- slowly embracing that big change and starting to really look forward to it (yes, I do plan to tell you about it soon)

- - -

things I don't like lately

- Sara's sleeping routine got really messed up during the Easter vacation
- getting back to everyday life after the Easter vacation has been hard
- procrastinating because of my upcoming exam
- the fact that I really, really need to get back to my running routine
- the fact that I really, really need to cut down on sugar - damn approaching bikini season!


  1. that bread looks so yummy! tell me about shorts and sandals. i live in bali where it's practically summer here everyday. i think i'm very lucky for shorts and sandals!

  2. Again a wonderful list. A big YAY for Hanne, your awesome friend visiting you with sweet baby and warm cinnamon bread.
    All the best for your exam. I keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Ohlala, fekk besøk av samme Hanne i samme ærend i dag :) Kjære vene så stas! Ho der altså! Såg deg forresten på Sletten senter for litt sia, men blei for starstruck til å sei hei -du er jo tross alt ein kjendis i livet mitt ;) Angra sjølvsagt etterpå då eg forsto at det hadde vore langt hyggeligare å sei hei enn å oppføre seg som ein avstandsforelska fjortis. Kjenner eg må LE av meg sjølv og lover å sei hei om det skjer igjen!

  4. Font å ha deg tilbake!



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