Tuesday, 20 May 2014

life, week 20

This apricot jam - brought home from Paris - is much better than expected.

sommer kommer | summer is coming

The chives really thrive in our garden. I have to get better at using them though.

The sweet old lady next door brought the dress home from her last trip to USA. We have not yet told her that we are moving. I will miss her. 

It was a bleh day followed by a never ending bed time battle with Sara. Watching the sunset light on the living room wall was truly comforting. 

Constitution day good times in our garden

Pasta is always comforting. With cheese, even more so.

"I want to look out the window, mamma!"

This reminds me that we actually have a flag pole in our new garden. Note to self: make note of official flag days. 

The table is set for the Constitution day potluck dinner. Red, white and blue - just like the flag. Almost mandatory, isn't it?

Sometimes he wants a big glass of milk in the evening instead of beer.

I always pause for sunsets.

I did it again; I fell off my good work out routine. Kickstarted it again with a hike up mount Ulriken - my favorite kind of work out.

Summer is really coming.

One of the perks of working/studying at home: a freshly made omelette for lunch. (The parsley was just for the photo; the green made it look more appetizing.) 

She was totally exhausted and fell asleep at 6:15 pm. Then she woke up and kept going until her mamma and pappa got totally exhausted. Hoping the bed time routine will normalize soon. 

my little garden explorer

hooked on these

Just a liiitle bit happy about buying a house.

that light, I will miss it so

10 pm bedtime view

Foraged flowers from the garden, plus a pop of red from the florist.

sunshine in a bowl on a rainy day

Constitution day hei

No glasses or plates were saved. SO glad we have a dishwasher!

Our niece turned 8. The table is already set for her classmates birthday party the next day.

They were in full bloom just a couple of days after I took the photo.

the yes bench (he built it, carved a heart in it and then proposed, right here)


Sunday brunch, with cheese cake for dessert

I have no words


- - -

Week 20: May 12-18


  1. They sell that same jam from France here in Saudi Arabia and I always buy it. How much was it there? It's only sr12 here which is like $3 not bad :)

    I have loved seeing all the Norwegians on my instagram feed for the holiday, so cool.

  2. Å, så nyyyydelige bilder!

  3. åh eg blir så glad av alt her! enormt fine bilete. og den snug-skya har eg sett på så enormt lenge. så fin.

  4. Dei er så fine desse inlegga dine,
    med tilbakeblikk.
    Og tillukka med huskjøp,
    så spennande.

    Smil frå Elisabeth

  5. Svært fine og stemningsfulle bilder! Og: Jeg kommer nesten til å savne leiligheten deres, jeg også! Ha, ha!

  6. I love the colors in your photos. And the blue-red-white flowers on your table. Great!



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