Tuesday, 13 May 2014

life, week 19

We came home from house hunting in Stavanger and saw this light. I almost cried. 

I'm a little fed up by orchids, but this one is nice - especially in sunset light.

During the weekend Sara observed that the weather had changed. "The sky is white, mamma. I want blue sky." The forecast says rain all week; I sure will miss all the beautiful blue skies we have had lately. 

No more summer weather; fire in the wood stove and wellies by the front door.

She cried big, big tears when I left her in kindergarten. It breaks my heart. But I know she loves being there, playing with the other kids. She'll be fine. 

I'm surprised that I find so much comfort in packing our belongings for the big move.

I always pause for pretty light.

Sandnes bound | the move has juuust started

good morning, Stord

she made it

See what I mean?

This kitchen window view is another thing I will miss deeply when moving from this apartment.

I watched her throw sticks and stones into the lake where I grew up. It was chilly but nice.

Bergen bound | looking for fish whilst waiting for the ferry

Did I mention that sunset light?

dinner with a view | student life

He said he loves this kind of Italian style big family gatherings filled with a big table with plenty of food and kids frolicking around in the garden.

home sweet home

sleepless | thinking that we should buy that house we saw today

- - -

Week 19: May 5-11


  1. Good morning Astrid!
    Everything will be ok and you know it!
    You and Solve will find another perfect house, that you will transform in a perfect home.
    Sara will start to bild her first box of good memories. You and Solve will start, already, to bild the third one.
    The family who will live in your Bergen's house will feel all the love and peace that you and Solve used to build it. And they will appreciate the light, and the view, and the garden too.
    The not so good news are: all the good memories and warm feelings about Bergen will never leave you. It's an acid-sweet thing, but is true.
    The good news are: the best is still to come.
    For you, in double, all the love and peace that we receive from you.

  2. And its so good being close to grandma and grandpa.... I really appreciate it here.

    Good luck!

  3. Så utrolig spennende tider dere har i vente. Gleder meg til å følge med på veien.

  4. I can totally relate to the fact that you'll miss this beautiful home. And these lights. I'm sure you found a nice house and I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of it!



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