Tuesday, 6 May 2014

life, week 18

I hope the books will stop her from falling out of bed again.

I love these kind of slate roofs.

plus chocolate and a toddler whirlwind

a little more color for the bright spring days

We had a little bit of this and a little bit of that for dinner.

Homemade croutons is such a winner.

Sunset. I never tire of them.

The apple tree is already blooming.

Ingvild got a big stack of food magazines and I got a beautiful jar of homemade aioli. A perfect trade! 

We made an effort to sit by the table, not in from of the TV. It is always worth it.

There has been a lot of beautiful sunsets lately. I will never take this kitchen window view for granted. 

I have given away a lot of old food magazines, but I will keep my Donna Hays.

My task for the afternoon: Keep the little one awake until 7 pm. Hopefully the no nap strategy will make her fall asleep in much less than two hours. 

Fresh, warm cinnamon bread. Oh Hanne!

Can you spot the paraglider?

She requested strawberries and skyr. And muddy puddles. She has probably seen a little too much Peppa Pig in English lately... 

I always pause for pretty clouds.

dinner prep

First taste of homemade frozen smoothie. She only had a little of it. I think she prefers ice cream made of dairy - just like her mamma.


It was the weekend of the annual dandelion hunt

I have an exam to write, instead I'm staring into the screen and eating ice cream.

I don't like painting. Glad he did it.

The daybed has put its summer clothes on.

pretty little apple blossoms

dinner prep

I wonder if I will ever go paragliding. Have you done it?

Just before bedtime one the 23rd I made this little Printic photo book on my phone - it arrived on the 30th, after just a short week. The wrapping and binding is beautiful, but the paper is too glossy for my preference. 

good morning, exam writing

keeping the spirits up whilst writing my exam

her morning with Peppa Pig

I think one of our tenants must have left this mint in the garden; I don't recall planting it myself. Anyway, it has survived the mild winter and will most likely be happy to get a new home in a bigger pot. Already looking forward to the mojitos I will make. 

What's not to like about warm sunset light?

I made no-knead bread in this ceramic pot - instead of a cast iron pot - for the first time; success!

She looks really cute with her hair up like this. Wish she would approve of it more often.

She woke up just before midnight. I stayed with her for 1,5 hour. It has been a week of troublesome sleep. 

It is all in the details. Thanks again, Ingvild!

- - -

Week 18: April 28 - May 4


  1. That last b&w picture of Sara sleeping - she looks SO much like my own Lucia in that picture :) they have a month's age difference and they are so similar in so many ways.
    We are planning our change to grownup bed soon, as well, even though we are considering making it a floor-bed so it'll be easier for climbing/playing.
    Are you starting potty training as well? We have it scheduled for somewhere in May and I am so NOT looking forward to cleaning up pee and poo :(

  2. I love reading about your days, Astrid!

  3. I like the part about the exam and ice cream :) :)



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