Monday, 5 May 2014

life, week 17

They left for their honeymoon just two days after the wedding, so they shared the wedding flowers with some of their guests. Lucky us!

Kitchen window view - I looove you!

After a week of too much egg and bacon for breakfast, I needed something else; rolled oats, nuts, strawberries, blueberries, banana and milk. Yum!

Back to the routine of watching cartoons with Sara in the early afternoon. Today's big project: get back to normal bedtime routines and make her fall asleep at a reasonable hour - not 10-11 pm like during the Easter vacation. It has been ridiculous! 

10 pm and she is still not sleeping. The Easter vacation really messed up her routine!

Thursday 7:45 am | rare treats

will do

our garden is getting greener and greener every day

My little collection of handmade glasses, made together with Beda at Verftet.

damn huge saw thingy

milestone: big girl bed | very excited to see how the first night will be (it took nearly 2,5 hours until she fell asleep; she did not wake up during the night though)

another weekday treat

afternoon picnic with her cousins

Saturday morning bliss with grandma

a little gift from my niece

our friends got married!

6 am

bare feet in the sand | summer in april

moments later she had her first outdoor bath of the season | summer in april

my mother-in-law does not approve of the temperature in the wine fridge (she found it too cold)

He mowed the lawn. Normally I do it because of his allergies.

- - -

Week 17: April 21-27 (week 16 was our Easter vacation)


  1. oh astrid, i loveloveloved this.

  2. Alt dette er så nydelig :) Lykke til med flyttingen. Litt trist at dere reiser fra Bergen, men jeg gleder meg til å se mer av Stavanger!



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