Thursday, 1 May 2014

life, week 15

Monday 8:30 pm

a little road trip with the mr whilst Sara is in kindergarten

Hei Voss! | garden work at the family holiday home in the pouring rain

"I'm at school, mamma!" | home from kindergarten ritual: climb the stairs of the side entrance to the school building we pass on the way 

everyday life | I don't leave it like this for long - I hate mess

a new day, a new road trip - Easter holiday, here we come! | seriously full car - classic Mykletun style 

8 pm, my parents' place

my mum set the breakfast table for us before she went to work

childhood stories

busy bee

Playing with a 8 months old is exhausting. (She did not fall asleep. At 4:30 pm and still no nap, I really wish she had.)

5 am wake up call | dear Sara baby, there is no lion here to eat you

my view whilst waiting for Sølve | hei Stavanger

You are fantastic. Treat yourself.

- - -

Week 15: April 7-13

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