Saturday, 3 May 2014

a photo an hour

- as seen through my iPhone and VSCO Cam app on Thursday May 1, the International Workers' Day (so we all had the day off).

8 am: Making pour over coffee instead of my usual Nespresso. Sometimes a big cup of coffee is just a little bit more comforting than a small one. 

9 am: Flipping through old Gourmet magazines whilst Sara plays with my old cap. Sølve is having a lie-in. 

10 am: She loves eating leverpostei (liver paté) straight from the little box. Also, the summer dress from last year still fits. Win!

11 am: Sara and Sølve are off to hike up mount Ulriken whilst I work on my exam.

noon: laundry break

1 pm: today's work space - feels good being productive

2 pm: Made a tuna dip as a pre lunch snack. Wondering when Sara and Sølve will be home.

3 pm: They came home right after I set the table for a late lunch; tuna dip tartlets and broccoli soup (from the freezer) with homemade croutons plus strawberry, banana, melon smoothie. 

4 pm: So excited about the UV bathing suit from last year (and so convenient that it still fits). She wore it for a long while, pretending to be at Mallorca (we are going there for our summer vacation). 

5 pm: I needed a little break from exam writing, so I took Sara out in the garden whilst Sølve had a little nap. Carrying a 15 kg toddler up a mountain (that one in the photo there) is rather heavy work, even for a fit and sporty pappa. Also, naps are good. 

6 pm: I'm back at my work space writing whilst Sara helps pappa prepare for oiling the teak window frames outside.

7 pm: supper time for Sara, snack time for mamma - those tuna dip tattles were yummy (I'll share the recipe soon) 

8 pm: More exam writing whilst Sølve puts Sara to bed. It took nearly an hour before she fell asleep. This big girl bed transition is a bit tiring.

9 pm: dessert before dinner...

10 pm: late dinner with the husband; veal and quinoa salad

11 pm: He is really into his book whilst I do a bit of journaling. Off to bed before midnight. A little bit too late. 


  1. That is beautiful :) I love the way you capture your days.

  2. Wow! So much sun and light! Great pics as usual :)



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