Friday, 11 April 2014

things I like lately

the mountain cabin | Kodak elite chrome 100, Olympus mju

- this brilliant parody of Sherlock
- American pancakes for Sunday lunch
- Sara being willing to try her summer clothes from last year - some of it still fit (so convenient!)
- a daytrip to Åsly to do some garden work (we haven't been there since July last year!)
- spending days in our hometown Sandnes with family and friends
- lunch with my dear friend B and her daughter E - so, so, good to see them again!
- seeing how my mum (still) sets the breakfast table the night before
- this black basic tote and this Persimmon pouch - both from Baggu
- fra blogg til bok by Matilde
- Sara sleeping until 8:20 am
- beating my friend J in Wordfeud (he always wins!) 
- Sara being very patient during a day of lots of grocery shopping 
- seeing Sara's joy of being with her grandparents 
- my mum taking Friday off work to spend it with Sara and me 
- this photo by Lars and this photo by Sarita Lolita 
- a Friday night dinner at our friends K and M's place
- a long week of Easter vacation ahead - we are off to the beloved mountain cabin (PS: my kind of cabin life)

- - -

things I don't like lately

- getting stressed about packing for our Easter vacation
- getting into an argument with Sølve due to said stress (we hardly ever argue, but do often end up arguing whilst packing for road trips - silly us!)
- a 5 am wake up call by Sara who had a nightmare (dear Sara baby, there is no lion here to eat you!) 


  1. Oh yeah! The Sherlock parody! Didn't know your were a fan of the show, too :)

  2. Eager for the started cabin season too! Wishing you happiness on your way and many found easter eggs for Sara (:



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