Friday, 4 April 2014

things I like lately

Kodak Portra 400, Minolta SRT 101

- light! thanks to daylight saving time
- gorgeous sunny weather all week
- hanging out at the playground with the neighborhood kids (and their parents) after kindergarten 
- the first daffodils, and lots of other flowers too
- trees are getting green
- Sara's way of saying pizza; pipsa!
- whilst digging in the sandbox Sara randomly says to me: "du er vennen min, mamma" (you are my friend, mamma) - my heart exploded!
- a couple of new t-shirts - nothing fancy, just simple basics in black and white, with a fit that feels right
- the new Reebok sneakers I bought last week are really comfortable - they have passed the walk-for-hours-and-still-feel-fine-test with success
- Ulrika's print shop
- the Norwegian word "raus" (generous) has been on my mind lately
- 100 things to do before I die by Anaruh/Listebloggen
- these photos by Paul Nicklen
- this playhouse
- this notebook
- this built-in sofa
- this house (via Scandinavian Retreat)
- my sister's apartment in Tromsø is for sale
- making up our minds about a big change  
- having actual conversations with Sara - she talks SO much now!
- a fleemarket date with Ingvild and her daughter Iben tomorrow morning 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- I have not eaten well lately; too much sugar and junk
- my body is not happy with the current situation of too much junk and too little exercise 
- Sara is taking forever to fall asleep in the evening (she's usually really good)
- Sara wakes up during night and asks for food 
- the forecast predicts rain tomorrow - and all next week 

- - -

Answers to questions in comments:

Stine asked which hotel we stayed at in Paris.
- Hotel Regina - recommended!

1 comment:

  1. Du lager så fine lister! Elsker dem!
    Og særlig når jeg/bloggen min står på dem - haha!

    Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin helg; dere i Bergen er så heldige som har kommet så langt inn i våren. Her snør det i dag :|

    Lørdagsklem fra Bærum



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