Friday, 25 April 2014

things I like lately - Easter vacation version

- being off the grid, offline and out of cell phone service for nine days whilst at the mountain cabin
- sitting outside the cabin - bundled up in blankets and wool - watching the mountains turn pink as the sun sets
- on the way in from a visit to the outhouse; pausing for a moment to watch the full moon and all the stars in the universe above the cabin 
- Sølve and my father-in-law built a snow cave for Sara - she was not too excited about it though...
- the process of making coffee at the cabin (boiling water, grinding the beans, etc) 
- Sara sings whilst sitting in the pulk
- my father-in-law lights lanterns in the snow to guide the way to the outhouse in the evening
- the whole family naps whilst Sara naps
- birds singing outside the bedroom window 
- enjoying the blue hour as long as possible without lighting candles 
- being served coffee and chocolate in bed by my mother-in-law
- Sara learnt to say "r" (rulle r, ikke skarre r som Sølve og jeg)
- Sara nicknamed herself "Sabra"- with a very distinct "r"
- Sølve doing Telemark skiing with the pulk 
- Sara laughing and shouting "once more!" when Sølve does Telemark skiing with the pulk
- being proud of Sølve for being such a skilled skier - even with the pulk
- hearing Sara's happy laughter whilst sledding 
- chatting with the cabin neighbours - who we meet about once a year 
- Sara singing and dancing buggi buggi
- Nugatti (kind of like Nutella)
- oranges and Kvikk Lunsj (kind of like Kit Kat chocolate)
- going out skiing after the horrible rain stopped
- Sara asks to kiss my forehead 
- "showering" (Sølve pours water over my head whilst I stand outside in the snow)
- påskelabyrinten på NRK1
- eating breakfast in the sun on the terrace  
- playing gin rummy with Sølve 
- bubbles and girl talk in the sun whilst the boys took Sara and Hama the dog for a walk
- getting a tan 
- baking no-knead-bread
- spotting two eagles by first seeing their shadows in the snow 
- Sara frolicking around in the snow 
- candle lit evenings (there is no electricity at the cabin) 
- the contrast between the white snow and the blue, blue sky 
- egg and bacon for breakfast nearly every day 
- shooting film 


  1. What a wonderful list. Youmust have had a lovely easter vacation. I am looking forward to your photos as your pictures from your cabin vacations are always so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.
    And little S singing and dancing "Boogie boogie"? Must be priceless!

  2. høres ut som den perfekte påska! :)



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