Sunday, 6 April 2014

look down | march

On our way home from kindergarten one day we found this lovely lady.

found: two headsets

found: a feather

patterns galore in the hallways outside our hotel room in Paris

outside Notre-Dame; still have not been inside - next time!

in Jardin du Tuileries

found: a fruit salad! (an orange, an apple, a lime and a pineapple - cheating a little with the pineapple photo; found it in June 2013, but it really fit in this fruit salad mix)

husband, friend and me outside the hotel in Paris waiting for the other friend

off to the after party, post hen do fun

found: a floorball ball (I used to love floorball in high school)

muddy puddles with ice enroute to the top of mount Ulriken

snow by my feet enroute to the top of mount Ulriken

first bbq of the season (M's hen do, on top of mount Ulriken)

essentials: daipers and a 60th birthday gift (bought on behalf of my in-laws) for my daddy

found a balloon in my in-laws' backyard - wonder where it came from

questionable rug design, part I

beautiful hardwood floors

questionable rug design, part II

hei there Darth Wader

tussilago farfara, the only latin flower name I know (ps: coltsfoot)

four of diamonds (and new really comfortable Reebok classic leather sneakers)

- - -

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  1. Sikke en masse man får at se, hvis bare man kigger ned også.
    Lækker samling billeder, specielt frugtsalaten fik mig til at le.

    KH Maria (

  2. Love this collection! If you keep your eyes open there is so much to discover. I had to laugh about the friut salad. So funny!



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