Wednesday, 30 April 2014

life, week 14

Welcoming spring in my home with these pretty little flowers on a bare branch.

When we were students, this bucket was filled with beer caps because of this opener. We forgot to bring the opener when we sold the apartment. We did miss it for a while. 

The result of a very sunny first weekend of April.

Not long now and Bergen will be rhododendron galore.

The only green bush in the hood. Such a happy sign of what is to come!

Wednesday pizza - from the freezer. The best kind of frozen pizza.


So inspired by My Scandinavian Retreat's cabin. Her house as well. Gorgeous!

Oh Bergen

I thought about Ingvild and her love for #glamorøsfredag (glamorous Friday) when I put on this bracelet in the morning. 

I love the look of these black eye beans, they are not my preferred kind of beans though.

Good times with Ingvild and Iben, part I

Good times with Ingvild and Iben, part II

Fleamarket finds. Very curious to see if the camera works. A film is already at the lab.

Drinking red wine whilst watching the husband cook dinner - oh yes!

Sunday brunch + bacon

That kind of evening...

- - -

Week 14: March 31 - April 6


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always. I really like the yellow flowers catching some light

  2. Astrid, there's nothing like having pots of flowers scattered throughout our home! beautiful pictures :-)

  3. Så kjekt å være med i oppsummeringen, vi må avtale en reprise snart! :D

  4. These photos are lovely!!v :)



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