Saturday, 5 April 2014

life, week 13

If we take the gondola lift this view is only 20 minutes from our house. Such a treat!

That light

Yellow flowers are normally not my favorite, but I make an exception every spring. Coltsfoot, daffodils and dandelion - such welcome yellow joy! 

Last year she insisted on wearing socks in her sandals. Seems like we can avoid it this year.

Thank you, mild winter, for letting our strawberry plant live.

Those curls! I hope they will stay with her forever. (I always wanted something else than my very straight hair.)

I absolutely adore blooming trees. So happy to have one - blood plum - in our own garden.

Sunsets have been nice lately.

I bet you didn't know Montana is so close to mount Ulriken. Florida too - it's just down the street from our house. 

Fjordgløtt | a view of the fjord

We forgot to plant bulbs this autumn; so glad there are still a few left at random places around our garden. 

What color will you be, little ones? (White.)

So thankful for a slow Monday morning after being away during the weekend. It makes for such a good start to the week.

Sunday, sun day. They playground was our second home during this sunny, sunny week.

Oh spring!



7 am

This makes me happy

Substitute teaching | trying to calm the chaos

Still a little bit winter left on mount Ulriken

Rundemannen seen from Ulriken. The view never gets old.

Saturday morning with grandma is the best.

That light

Sveler, selvsagt | Saturday at the farmers market

I don't like beer, but it does look tempting.

Sunday fika with a view

Can I tell you again how much I love our kitchen window view?

We are so, so happy when pappa gets home in time to have family dinner.

The chives in our garden have already grown quite a bit - thanks to the mild winter.

- - -

Week 13, the last week of March, was a great photo week. Gorgeous weather and lots of lovely light. Taking photos every day keeps me grounded.


  1. oh wow!!! i'm aching for these photos. gorgeous view!! i envy that.

  2. Så himla fine bilder! Får en ordentlig herlig stemning av å se på de :)

  3. Again a lovely and great collection of pictures.
    Love the glimpses of spring!

  4. Så gode bilete.

    Så fint at du delar.


  5. Åh, lyset, Astrid. Så fint å se.



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