Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hanna shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Hanna?

I shoot film because it’s timeless, poetic and genuine.

Film allows me to focus on the basics. The mechanical build of film cameras can be used for generations and I love how each type of camera has its own aesthetic and ‘personality’ combined with the film type you choose.

You can’t replicate the look and nostalgia of film. There's something poetic about it. I also like how the photos are genuine in that you can’t delete, edit, manipulate or post-process it.

Another reason why I shoot film is that it makes me slow down and think more about the photo before pressing the shutter.

In a time of instant gratification, I enjoy the feeling of anticipation whilst waiting for film to be developed, not knowing what to expect, and all the more when there are beautiful mistakes and pleasant surprises.

You can see more of Hanna's photos on her blog and Flickr.

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