Saturday, 29 March 2014

things I like lately

Bergen seen from mount Ulriken

- this post by Ingvild
- this post by Natalie
- getting home before the rain started (I was not wearing rain gear)
- this interview with one of my favorite bloggers, Maria of Zoo Payne
- the decor of Lysverket restaurant in Bergen
- Aesop hand soap in the toilets at Lysverket
- this documentary about Japan
- NIB Hjemme
- Love Taza for Lauren Moffatt
- Love Ever After (via Hjartesmil)
- cooking dinner in my kitchen after being away for almost a week and doing no cooking (I made tomato soup for Sara and it felt really good)
- this home
- making glass with Beda for my friend M's hen do
- grilling hot dogs in the snow at mount Ulriken for M's hen do
- spending lots of time with family
- celebrating my dad's 60th birthday
- dinner at Brygga 11 with my fellow students
- blooming trees
- a week of stunning weather - spring is here for real!
- hanging out at the playground with the neighborhood kids and their parents after kindergarten
- Friday afternoon hike up mount Ulriken - my favorite kind of work out
- the smell of warm heather by the mountain paths
- these photos of my friend Hanne's lovely apartment (it's for sale!)
- spring cleaning
- Tiril's photos
- how to build the perfect wardrobe: 10 basic principles
- my mother is visiting this weekend whilst Sølve is in Berlin for our friend J's stag do
- planning a visit to the farmer's market today

- - -

- comparing myself to others and not feeling good enough
- emotional eating (I'm really good at it)
- a whole roll of slide film photos from Paris is lost because the machine broke down when the film was being developed


  1. Jeg er så glad i denne listen din!

    Og det er alltid så kjekt at du har funnet noe fint hos meg :)

  2. Så nydelige øyeblikk, Astrid :) PS. Interiøret fra Bluebird-bloggen er utrolig inspirerende! Slik vil jeg at leiligheten min skal se ut :D



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