Thursday, 6 March 2014

things I like lately

outside a butcher shop in Ile Saint-Louis, Paris 2009 | Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N

- making panna cotta (using this recipe) for the first time - so simple and so yummy!
- Sølve's amazing homemade ravioli
- Saturday dinner with our friends J and M
- getting the silverware out for said dinner
- doing a little work in the garden
- the first daffodils of the season
- meeting people who say they read my blog and really like it (hei Lise!)
- Agnes' beautiful film photography (via Anna)
- this commercial makes me laugh, this one too + lots more goodies here (I taught a class in advertising this week, hence these links)
- Salongen på P2
- having salmon for lunch whilst working at home
- seeing how much Sara loves my homemade tomato soup (she asks for second and third servings - I take that as a sign that she loves it)
- these random (Norwegian) words: kakafoni, raus, vårløsning
- Sara's constant talking and singing - all day long
- homemade kokosboller (using this recipe) (I have been told they are called snowballs in English)
- a weekend ahead in Paris with Sølve and our friends!

- - -

things I don't like lately

- wearing a rain jacket when it is not needed after all
- Sara's attitude towards the delicate little snowdrops and crocus in our garden; she steps on them (hahaha)
- being super tired when getting up in the morning (normally I feel more rested)

- - -

Answers to questions in comments:

Nikki asked in this post: What kind of shoes are the "sensible" ones in London?
- The waterproof hiking shoes! Not at all elegant or fancy to wear whilst on a big city weekend getaway with the husband (even sneakers would be more elegant than this), but with the rain and all the walking, they really were necessary. I hate wearing bad shoes and getting blisters!

Lorena asked on this post: Protos?
- Yes! One of our recent favorites too!


  1. Ville bare innom og si hei og håper du får en fin dag.
    Jeg leser bloggen din så fort det er en oppdatering, og følger deg på Insta. Jeg elsker dine hverdagsglimt og bilder fra det virkelige livet.

    Klemmer i massevis fra an-magritt

  2. Kjempefin liste! Og panna cotta er så utrolig godt, nesten rart at det er så enkelt å lage :p
    Ha en fin uke!



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