Friday, 14 March 2014

things I like lately - Paris edition

iPhone + VSCO Cam

- the glorious warm and sunny weather 
- people watching
- well dressed, stylish children and their parents
- a family driving scooters (mum and dad on a scooter each, with a daughter on each scooter)
- people using public bikes
- Parisians' parking skills - they are kings and queens of parallel parking!
- Ladurée and Pierre Hermé macarons
- fresh croissants with butter and jam for breakfast - outside in the sun!
- window shopping 
- ladies and gentlemen wearing hats
- a woman painting in a little book in front of Monet's Water Lilies in Musée de l'Orangerie
- buying Bonne Maman jams to bring home
- Champagne galore
- the way "champagne" is pronounced in French
- being called "madame" by the hotel staff
- the Eiffel Tower in sunset
- seeing how much my husband and friends enjoy French foods like foie gras, snails, frog legs, oysters and beef tartar. I too love food, but these things - not so much
- the view of Sacré-Cœur from the top of Centre Pompidou
- walking along the Seine
- dining at Allard
- the decor of classic bistros and brasseries
- yoghurt in glas jars
- the art nouveau details of hotel Regina
- exploring the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen flea market
- treating ourselves to antique Champagne glasses at said market 
- blooming magnolia trees in Jardin des Tuileries 
- a little picnic of Champagne, macarons and olives in said park 
- stumbling upon the Aesop store and finally getting a chance to try their products (I have not yet seen them in Norway)
- the beauty of it all


  1. Sounds wonderful. I will visit Paris for the first time this Summer. Can't wait!

  2. i like the way champagne pronounce in french too!

  3. Hei!
    Your blog is a wonderful habit for me, I love the way you write about food, travels and all your pictures it's all so simple and beautiful.
    Every time I visited Paris my impression was "am I living in a film?" wonderful place

  4. Sounds like your having an amazing time!
    How good is Aesop by the way?! I absolutely love their products.

  5. Nå har jeg hygget meg med Paris-bildene dine (så langt) og gleder meg til å se mer! Denne lista er dessuten full av ting som jeg savner skikkelig etter året jeg har tilbragt der.
    Det virker som at dere fikk mye ut av oppholdet deres, og det er en så fin følelse!
    Takk for stemningsfulle innlegg som hjelper på savnet, hihi.



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