Wednesday, 5 March 2014

life, week 9

These are some of the prettiest roses I have ever seen!

That first cup of coffee in the morning - so good! Especially on a weekend morning when it is your turn to get up with the toddler after a night of too little sleep and maybe just a liiitle bit too much red wine the night before...

Spring in a cup

Sunday brunch with the good people of Busytown

Pork hock soup with white beans and lots of vegetables - possibly the best soup I have ever made! The stock was just the way I love it! Sølve on the other hand, thought the broccoli soup I made the other day was better. 

Sunday room service is such a winner! (There was coffee too, of course. Pretend coffee served by Sara, and real coffee served by Sølve.)

Supper, books and boxes

It was a day that felt like spring

Gotta love when butter melts on the toasted bread!

A big thanks to Ina for the recipe for these mouthwatering cardamom buns. I can't remember the last time I ate so many buns in one go.

We only bought two things whilst in London: a poor umbrella (it rained and I hate getting my head wet by rain) and this cup (we have the poster; Sølve said he just had to have the cup too). 

please rise

So glad these two are mine

I'm never into cooking on Friday nights; I prefer something quick and easy like fresh shrimp sandwiches, sashimi or tacos. If he wants something else than that on a Friday night, he has to cook. Luckily he doesn't mind.  

She prefers the big chair these days

Little red riding hood is quite bizarre. She does not seem to get it yet.

She is finally big enough to play with the London blocks from Charlotte and Claire.

The sweetest Ine inspired me (via Instagram) to wear red lipstick and a silk blouse on a Friday afternoon. Hei!

Sunday morning

Her favorite part of the Duplo doll house

For some reason I have not been a big fan of homemade pasta so far, but this time he nailed it.

The week of the pork hock project. A success, I might say.

Some days calls for chocolate. Much more than this.

She had supper on the kitchen counter

Doing breakfast just a little bit different: rolled oats, banana, dried apricots and low fat milk (forgot to add the mixed nuts) - a new favorite! 

A favorite detail of our kitchen

- - -

Week 9: February 24 - March 2


  1. I love seeing your daily photos. I can see an spanish wine..
    It´s Protos? is one of our favorite wines :-)

  2. full of delicious food! what else to ask?

  3. Helt nydelige hverdagsfotografier! Elsker stilen din. Trives i bildene dine. Pastaen som henger over stolryggen-fint!

  4. Elsk på alle bildene!
    Og vi har samme hylle med Norgesglass ;)

  5. Disse bildene faar meg virkelig til aa glede meg til hverdagslivet i Norge igjen :)

  6. So lovely that Sara's playing with the London blocks!



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