Sunday, 30 March 2014

life, week 11

Tulips from our house guest, Champagne glasses from Paris. Need to make room in a cupboard for them. 

One last croissant before leaving Paris Monday morning. I savored every second of it.

The Paris souvenirs were accepted.

lunch + a photo an hour

I used to LOVE magazines, especially interior design magazines. And I kept them all. I got a little fed up and nearly stopped reading them. Now I hardly keep any of them; spring cleaning is in process!

Morning essentials: coffee and milk

Making glass with Beda is always fun.

Little did she know that the hike up mount Ulriken was the start of her hen do. She was greeted at the top with her best friends and Champagne. She cried of joy. 

Eating Sunday lunch out with girlfriends - without kids - felt like vacation.

Post hen do breakfast - with Champagne. As it should be.

And Cola. There is nothing like Cola on the day after.

- - -

Week 11: March 10-16


  1. These photos are amazing, as always, Astrid! I did the same before my baby arrived: I threw away (and sold!) many, many interior magazines.



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