Wednesday, 26 March 2014

life, week 10

There was a bunch of egg whites left after we made pasta during the weekend. I stumbled upon this recipe and instantly decided to give it a try. I found everything I needed in my cupboards. Pretty little thingies, aren't they?

A rainy evening and city lights. It felt like autumn. The transition to spring can be quite confusing.

It was a warmish day that smelled like spring. I really enjoyed my walk home from school.

Pasta and leverpostei (liver pâté) are a few of her favorite foods.

Breakfast remedies

Excited about this nail polish for summer

It was an extra early morning. She was nearly the first one to arrive in kindergarten. Sølve was away for work and I had to get to school early. Neither of us are fans of mornings like this. She did well though. 

Sometimes I buy food just because of the pretty packaging.

The finished result; homemade kokosboller (snowballs?). Yummy, but not super yummy. There was a bit too much chocolate compared to the fluffy fluff (what ever it is called!) inside. Will make them again though. 

Sun and tulips are always a great match

Week 10 was the week of our long weekend in Paris. Oh la la!

The Etsy cookbook arrived - which reminds me; I need to actually take a look at it. It arrived the day we flew to Paris, so I just put it in the pile of unread mail - and it is still there. 

Multitasking. She loved it.



So glad Sara likes my homemade tomato soup! I make a big batch and always have Sara portions in the freezer. Will share my recipe soon.

- - -

Week 10: March 3-9


  1. Again - what a beautiful collection of the daily life. Sweet Sara, chocolate, nature, food, flowers: all that makes the daily life.
    Looking forward to your tomato-soup recipe.

  2. Så vakre hvite topper, ser ut som pikekyss, men antar at det er kokosbollene fr de har fått sjokoladetrekket over seg. Flott måte å bruke eggehviter på!



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