Wednesday, 12 March 2014

a photo an hour

- as seen through my iPhone and VSCO Cam app on Tuesday March 11.

8 am: reading with grandma

9 am: a slow morning with breakfast at home before kindergarten (normally Sara eats breakfast in kindergarten)

10 am: cleaning up after yesterday's dinner

11 am: stopped by Barnas hus to get a toilet training seat for Sara after dropping my mother-in-law off at my brother-in-law's

noon: lunch time - baguette bought at Orly airport (we didn't eat it on the plane, so we saved it - it was worth saving) + Matilde Skaar's beautiful book about jam (more about that later)

1 pm: travel traces

2 pm: I can never just eat one

3 pm: post run facial mask and laundry room view

4 pm: showered and ready to pick up Sara in kindergarten + making a mental note to actually get some studying done tomorrow 

5 pm: She wolfed down all three fish cakes in no time. Dessert: melon eaten whilst sitting on the kitchen counter watching mamma prepare dinner for the adults. 

6 pm: Sara was happy to have a new house guest for the night

7 pm: dinner done, baby asleep

8 pm: Sølve is finally home from his long work day in Oslo; we are catching up in front of the fireplace

9 pm: dinner leftovers for supper

10 pm: a Cointreau nightcap in the new Champagne glasses bought at the antique market in Paris 

11 pm: just before bed time


  1. Spennende å følge deg! Får også lyst til å gjøre dette, men jeg er så surrete.

  2. What a beautiful collection of the daily life.
    And WOW(!) that you brught back such awesome glasses from Paris. I am always too afraid that they'll break during the journey.

  3. Nice post! Love the vintage champagne glasses :)

  4. ELSKER de blogindlæg :)
    Tak fordi du deler dem.

    KH Maria (



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