Monday, 10 February 2014

what's for dinner, week 7

what we had for dinner, week 6

Monday: fish soup leftovers 
Tuesday: Tuscan chicken soup (using this recipe, with chicken instead of beans)
Wednesday: meat balls (from the freezer) and a mixed salad
Thursday: salmon + apple avocado salad
Friday: eating out in London, UK! 

- - -

What we actually had for dinner last week (pictured above):

Monday: pasta bolognese leftovers + a mixed salad
Tuesday: pumpkin soup (from the freezer) + homemade croutons
Wednesday: baked cod filets, chickpeas and spinach
Thursday: meatballs (from the freezer) + a mixed salad
Friday: fresh shrimp sandwiches
Saturday: skrei (cod) with mashed peas and diced carrot/celery root/potato (first boiled a little, then sautéed with a little butter - is there a "professional" term for this technique?)
Sunday: fish soup with skrei (and homemade stock made from shrimp shells from Friday + fish bones and stuff from Saturday), dessert: apple muffins (with frozen apples from the garden) and vanilla ice cream 

- - -

about this project

- every Monday I post the week's menu
- I also post what we actually had for dinner the passed week (because it is fun to see if we actually followed the plan)
- there might be links to recipes, but the menu will mostly just be basic ideas for the dinners - often just based on what ever is in our fridge, freezer and cupboards
- Saturday and Sunday dinners will often not be planned ahead because we have a habit of buying whatever looks good in the store when we are out grocery shopping Saturday morning

- - -

So, what are you planning to have for dinner this week?

1 comment:

  1. Friday in London! Sounds very exciting!
    We're not planning our dinner this week as our whole flat is turned upside down because of painters, builders etc.



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