Friday, 28 February 2014

things I like lately

winter weekend brunch | Agfa Precisa 100, Canon EOS 500N

- Sunday brunch at our friends' place - Sara absolutely loves playing with our friends' kids
- homemade apple muffins - with the last batch of (frozen) apples from our garden 
- matosofi - were I found out what to do with the pork hock I spontaneously bought at the grocery store
- no cavities (I thought I had one) at my annual dentist visit
- two classic pairs of new shoes - I have big feet, so I have a hard time finding shoes that fit well
- the first crocus and coltsfoot of the season - even though it still is a bit too early
- blå Farris (sparkling water)
- two new to me lovely blogs: sulvis and et dryss kanel
- washing Sara's hair and there were badly any tears - for a change!
- chocolate ice cream
- homemade chocolate mousse 
- a little interview with author Caroline Kaspara Palonen
- the hand-me-down Bitte Kai Rand coat from my mum
- sending mail, the old fashioned way
- the photos in this post by Jana
- breakfast lunch dinner by Bleubird
- Muzungu Style - I was at Svalbard (for work) with this lady back in 2008 - she's great fun!
- productive work days after too much procrastination 
- the best - and longest - run in months
- being inspired by Ine (via Instagram) to wear red lipstick 
- a sweet and juicy orange 
- planning to bake Ina's sweet buns with Sara tomorrow 
- planning to paint my nails red tonight whilst drinking white wine 
- wearing the white Filippa K silk blouse I got from my sister Mari for Christmas for the first time - it makes me feel elegant (but I'm also worried I will spill something on it)
- Ingvild is making a bunad for her sweet daughter - so impressed! 
- the news about the birth of our friends' daughter - she was born today! 

- - -

things I don't like lately

- a lot of mixed feeling about a possible huge change 
- emotional eating
- procrastinating - it makes me stressed and in a bad mood
- giving Sara eyedrops for her conjunctivitis - she really, really hates it

- - -

Answers to questions in comments:

A few of you asked about the book in the photo taken at 7 pm in this post. The book is "What Do People Do All Day?" (Hva gjør folk held dagen, in Norwegian) by Richard Scarry.

- - - 


  1. i love brunch! brunch date, brunch with friends at home. just love it.

  2. God helg!;) jeg har sendt deg en award.. Det selvsagt inget press om å delta;)

  3. Takk for fin og overraskende omtale; made my day! God helg!



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