Friday, 7 February 2014

things I like lately

just a little bit of light that I love

There was no things I like lately post last Friday because I was too busy traveling from Stord to Sandnes + having fun with family and friends in our hometown Sandnes. This week we are back to our everyday routines at home. I love everyday routines! I also love this Friday habit of sharing bits and pieces of things I like.

- being woken up by Sara singing Monday morning (usually she cries or shouts "mamma!")
- being woken up by Sara asking "kan jeg få mer tutta, mamma?" (can I have more pacifiers, mummy) 
- it is getting noticeably lighter every day
- watching Gossip Girl again (guilty pleasure…)
- a weekend in our hometown Sandnes having a whole lot of fun with our fantastic friends (thanks so, so much to our parents for watching Sara)
- wearing my super warm parka whilst watching kids play outside in kindergarten (I did some substitute work)
- a little one year old darling fell asleep on my lap in kindergarten (more about that later) 
- making tomato soup for the first time - Sara loved it! she even asked for a second serving
- Sølve's delicious meatballs for dinner - and there is still a whole lot left in the freezer 
- issue no 13 of 3191 Quarterly
- snowdrops - although it is a bit early 
- the first cup of coffee of the day - especially after rough nights with Sara 
- fresh shrimp sandwiches for dinner Friday night - shrimps are so good now in the winter! (you Norwegians know about this kind of sandwich - if not, here is a great description)
- a sudden urge to shoot film - I have decided to shoot a whole roll this weekend 
- eating a lot of fish for dinner lately 
- summer holiday planning with our friends 
- learning the ropes of teaching by doing substitute teaching - it is a steep learning curve 
- making plans for my friend M's bachelorette party 

What do you like lately?

- - - 

things I don't like lately

- Sara waking up during night
- being too tired all week 
- the not so glamorous side effect of too much Champagne...

- - -

Answers to questions asked in comments:

Julia commented:
- I didn't know cream can be frozen. Do you use it in soup or sauces afterwards?
Yes, perfect for soups and sauces. The cream does not whip well after it has been frozen. 

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  1. Thank you, Astrid, for your answer of my comment-question. Sometimes I have some cream left and so now I have a new way to use it!
    Again a lovely collection of daily life and what makes one happy. Isn't it lovely that the days get longer and longer. I am so *done* with the dark winter days.



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