Thursday, 20 February 2014

life, week 7

She helped making her own little pizza. I love that she enjoys being in the kitchen with us.

Flowers from our Sunday dinner guests. Such a sweet gesture.

A pair of wool panties on her head, pacifier in hand, the "boat" loaded with her kitchen supplies - my daughter is ready for an afternoon adventure. 

A little café break. I don't have them too often.

Organizing recipes from magazines. I wonder if I will ever try them? At least it will be easier to get to them when organized like this. 

Restocked. I'm not a big tea drinker; these are amongst the few types that I like.

Wednesday work view. Such terrible wet and cold weather. We kept the kids indoors the rest of the day. 

Sharing a bowl of fish soup. So glad Sølve snapped this shot.

Freshly baked. Always a winner.

We thought taking a taxi would save us some time. It did not. And we did not find the restaurant we wanted to try. But we found the pub I had been to before. A happy accident. 

I didn't read the paper. I just borrowed it from Sølve to take this photo.

The breakfast buffet was surprisingly good. The best part was the orange supreme.

He carried my bag AND took photos. Then we walked more than 20 km.

I will never ever tire from taking photos of clouds.

To travel from one place to another. I love it.

- - -

Week 7: February 10-16

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  1. This comment made me smile "I didn't read the paper. I just borrowed it from Sølve to take this photo" Something i would do just for a photo :)



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