Wednesday, 12 February 2014

life, week 6

She does not cook a lot, but serves us lots and lots of coffee.

Usually it is Sølve's socks that are scattered around the apartment, but these are mine.

So, so glad we have a dishwasher yet I don't mind washing a few things by hand.

Daffodils. I think. Too early. I know.

Seeing the first snowdrops of the season is always a welcome sight, but seeing them in early February is just too early. The weather has been spring like for a while, but I'm certain we are not done with winter yet. 

Mikado, or don't.

Waiting not so patiently for her parents to sit down for Sunday breakfast.

We all love pancakes and bacon.

The pumpkin soup was better than I remembered. Always nice to find a treat like this in the freezer.

Great mail day. Got instantly inspired to shoot film.

A favorite breakfast: Greek yoghurt, mixed nuts, blueberries and honey

summer house - check! plane tickets - check! rental car - check!

09:50 am Sunday morning, dreaming of coffee in bed - which was served a few minutes later, with additional drawing by Sara (and a little help from pappa) for mother's day

- - -

Week 6: February 3-9


  1. A lovely collection, once again. Also: yay for booking a Summer holiday. Just did the same! <3

  2. Fine bilder, som alltid! Pannekaker er den store frokostfavoritten her også, jeg gleder meg til Orvar kan smake :)

  3. Den suppen så fantastisk god ut! Nam! Har du lagt ut oppskrift tidligere? Kan man ønske seg en?

  4. Nice pictures! I love lots and lots of coffee. One day she'll serve you pancakes in bed ;-)

    I just booked one week in Greece (Halkidiki) for the last week in april :-) After a long grey winter the Greek spring feels so good. I'm always overwhelmed by its mild climate and lush vegetation.

    Mothers and fathers day in Germany is always in may. The Germans usually don't celebrate mothers day very much. But fathers day is a big thing for some men. They decorate their bicycles with branches and do bicycle tours. During these tours they drink themselves into a stupor. Germans have crazy traditions sometimes.



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